Here’s what you can do and how we can help.

Pay Via Direct deposit to checking and savings accounts.

  • Helps workers get “banked,” into the financial mainstream.
  • Eliminates steep check cashing fees.
  • Safer, faster, cheaper and more convenient than paychecks
  • Pay goes directly from your business account to the worker’s account.

How we help: free or low-cost accounts via BankOn SF.

We think direct deposit is the best payroll solution, period. It protects earnings, and it gets workers into a relationship with a bank or credit union, setting them on a path to financial empowerment. But first, they need an account at a bank or credit union.

BankOn San Francisco, one of CurrenC’s partner programs, has the solution.

BankOn SF works with banks and credit unions to establish free or low-cost accounts, and make them widely available. Even better, these accounts are easy to open, even if workers have had trouble getting accounts in the past, or they’re not US citizens.

BankOn and CurrenC SF can even arrange “bank at work” days, where banks and credit unions come to your workplace to educate and enroll.

Pay Via Direct Deposit to low-fee payroll cards.

  • Eliminates the need for check cashers.
  • Safer, faster, cheaper and more convenient than paychecks.
  • Automatically refills with full pay every payday.
  • Works anywhere major credit cards are accepted.
  • Can be used at ATMs to get cash and check balances.

How we help: CurrenC Approved payroll cards.

Payroll cards offer many of the same features as debit cards, but don’t require a checking or savings account.

The challenge is finding the right card for your workers. The best cards are affordable and empowering, but there are high-fee, unsafe products you should avoid. We

screened hundreds of cards, weeding all but the best.

“CurrenC Approved” cards are a select group of the most-affordable, accessible, protective options. You can choose any card from our list, knowing your employees will be getting the best solution available.

Approved payroll card requirements.

For CurrenC SF to approve a payroll card, it must meet all these requirements:

  • Full, clear fee schedule (no hidden fees)
  • No overdraft option, or fees
  • No fee to open a card or load pay; no monthly or annual fee
  • No fees or surcharges for in-network ATM withdrawals
  • Access to in-network ATMs where employees live and work
  • No fees at point of sale (retail purchase) or for declined transactions
  • No employer fee for enrollment/card kit/implementation
  • Strong consumer protections including FDIC insurance

      View the full list of CurrenC Approved requirements.


  • Offer direct deposit and a paycard option.
  • Inform, educate, and give lots of opportunities to enroll.
  • Show workers the true cost of check cashing.
  • Help them understand the benefits of electronic pay.
  • Make it easy to sign up.

How we help: educational tools, brochures
and marketing materials for enrollment campaigns.

Companies with the most success protecting earnings (and cutting payroll costs) have one thing in common: annual electronic pay campaigns.

In the typical workplace, employees are offered electronic pay on the day they’re hired – and that’s it. Companies with high enrollment make it a habit to

In our toolkit, you’ll find everything you need to start up a new electronic pay program and launch your own campaign.

Plus, feel free to talk with us anytime. We’ll be glad to plan your campaign with you.